Monday, September 6, 2010


There's a great feature in the NY Times about the 'greening' of the hallmark Champagne bottle, an region-wide effort to reduce the clunky 900 gram bottle into something lighter to offset the carbon costs of transporting a heavy load.

While creating environmentally-conscious packaging is as much a marketing initative as it is an ethical decision in this day and age, it's interesting that the Champagne producers are reticent to let customers notice the difference - and certainly hesitant to tout it - in an effort to preserve the luxury of Champagne.  Moreover, the change doesn't even even have much of a cost-saving angle, as the new bottles don't cost much less than the traditional ones, with any savings being "too small to pass on to customers."  Instead, the change seems like it's primarly grounded as a simple issue of creating an honorable legacy.

What will be more interesting, however, is how rappers will find a way to rhyme "carbon credits" into their flow.  Hova - your services are required.

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