Monday, October 25, 2010


One crazy summer, my wife had a month long stay planned in Beijing, her first to the PRC.  She's not an overly fussy eater, though I did have to assure her that our pal Fido wouldn't appear on the menu unless she actively sought it out.  A day into her trip, she emailed me the menu from her neighbourhood cafeteria...and I've had to caveat all my assurances since.

All that is apparently changing in the country: the rising middle (and upper) class has elevated the status of our furry friends from protein option to status symbol.  Once banned by the Communist government as a bourgeois frivality, dogs have finally broken down the hearts of our Chinese compadres.  Sez the NY Times:
Twenty years ago, there were hardly any dogs in Beijing, and the few that were here stood a chance of landing on a dinner plate. It remains possible even today to find dog-meat dishes here. But it is far easier to find dog-treat stores, dog Web sites, dog social networks, dog swimming pools — even, for a time recently, a bring-your-dog cinema and a bring-your-dog bar on Beijing’s downtown nightclub row.
A hurray! for all those Chinese kids being tormented on playgrounds amidst the current flux of Red Dawn campaign ads.  OR: what a wonderful excuse to post a picture of our dog.  Whatever gets us by....

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