Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The year's odd weather patterns might have some effect on your tan, but there's a more devastating result: Korea will face a kimchi shortage, given the poor haul of napa cabbage this season.  

To put it in perspective, South Koreans eat about 1.45 million tons of napa cabbage kimchi annually.  To contrast, an average blue whale weighs anywhere between 150 to 190 tons.  Pickle that tidbit of info in your mind.

The South Korean government has moved to address this shortage, suspending import tariffs on Chinese-grown cabbage and supplying Seoul with an apparent federal reserve of napa cabbage (enough to feed 10,000 families).  The shortage will likely be temporary, and things are anticipated to return to normal before November.  What will happen in the interim?  We have no idea (well, apart from noting that there are a gazillion other types of non-Napa cabbage kimchi), but here's hoping Park Chan-Wook can turn it into a kickass film.

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