Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm not ashamed to admit it: I've seen many a Canada goose in my lifetime, flying, swimming, walking around, doing Lord knows what, and I've thought about how it would taste.  It's not a thought that crosses my mind on a regular basis, but that's not because I share the common assumption that it's no more than a flying rat.  To me, the Canada goose is no dirty bird, it's as ubiquitous as a park bench, and something that just isn't frequently thought of as a dinner option.

(photo: Holly A. Heyser)

Thankfully, someone has thought otherwise.  Hank Shaw has written a great piece for the Atlantic about cooking the beautiful beast (those inclined can even read about his trip in Manitoba to hunt them at his blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook), every bit of it, making everything from goose mortadella to the more common seared breast. 

Read all about it here.

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