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(Photo: the Eater/Joshua David Stein)
We don't usually cover a lot of star chefs or the like, but there was a bit in the Eater's interview with Sara Moulton (former executive chef at the now defunct Gourmet magazine for twenty years, host of Sara's Weeknight Meals on PBS) that really warranted some love:

What does your husband do?

Oh my god, where do I start? His name is Bill Adler. He's in the music industry. He has had his own record label called Mouth Almighty. He did the last CD with Allen Ginsburg. But his real specialty is rap. In 1981, he met Russell Simmons and they got to be friendly so Bill said, "You need a publicist." So Bill ended up working for him. It took a while to get paid because Russell…well, we won't go there. Then he got paid and he worked for him for six years and was the early publicist for all the rappers. So Run DMC, LL Cool JJ, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and Will Smith. Those guys.

So you have a deep bench of early hip hop knowledge?

Not quite like my husband but I have some knowledge but I know these guys. I love the Beastie Boys and I like Run DMC, the early stuff.

I'm intrigued by the thought that the Adler/Moutlon household is just a hot bed of early hip hop.

I've had dinner with Ad-Rock and also they put me into one of their rhymes.

But yeah, they have a rhyme about Baked Alaskan [in "Rhyme the Rhyme Well"] from that album about New York that keeps unfolding. ["To the 5 Boroughs"]. He shouts out [my TV show] Sara's Secrets in the liner notes.

Read the rest of the interview here.


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