Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Look it: we're all for locally foraged mushrooms, but the next time you're out and about picking on the local fungi here in Vancouver, take a closer look.  The Death Cap Mushroom has been spotted in Vancouver, so named because it's the deadliest mushroom around.

The Death Cap is non-native to these parts, but has made its way over thanks to our love of non-native trees (thanks for nothin', hornbeam tree!).  According to the Vancouver Sun, the Death Cap "has a smooth, yellowish-green to olive-brown cap, white gills, white stem, membranous skirt on stem, and a cup-like structure around the base of the stem."  Kinda like this:

Death Cap Mushroom
So, unless you've got a penchant for severe gut rot, vomiting and the runs (and, if untreated, a coma or visit from the Grim Reaper), maybe avoid any wild mushroom in the GVRD that resembles same.

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