Thursday, November 25, 2010


Me... Hello everyone, my name is Morgan and I will be pressing all over this slop. I live in New York, and one thing that I will try to convey in my posts is just how crazy difficult it can be in this city if you like to cook. It's super strange, but if you get one thing done it feels like a major accomplishment. The other day, I needed some lamb chops for a curry I was making and none of the butchers in my neighbourhood had any fresh. 2 hours of walking and looking in every little family owned meat shop before I finally broke down and hit up Whole Foods. Not my favourite spot, but they had the goods. Didn't eat 'til 10 that night, but oh how it was worth it.

Surprisingly, the recipe I was making called for goat, and the butcher right on my block had whole goat legs for like six bones! They were frozen though, so no good for on the spot inspiration, but I will plan ahead for next time.

Today is American Thanksgiving which is a HUGE deal down here. Everyone is stuffing massive birds right about now, but for me, I like my Turkey at the end of December with sandwiches coasting just up 'til New Years hopefully.

Don't get me wrong, I wont shy away from roasting a 20 pounder for a bunch of peeps. Today is a whole other animal though (two actually).


The Mission:

1. Homemade pork/beef meatloaf
2. Balsamic baked onions and some possible Brussels sprouts
3. Pumpkin pie

I'll keep you posted...pressed? Also, sorry for the lack of rap references in this post, I'm working on it.

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