Monday, December 6, 2010


The Economist's offshoot quarterly Intelligent Life boasts to have found the best bread in the world, after sampling around 50 different loaves from a variety of places: supermarkets, bakeries, Ikea..., both mass produced and artisan.  There's a specific emphasis on sourdoughs, though other types of breads are sampled without much in the way of differentiation or distinction (I suppose the best baguette should be able to stack up against the best hällakaka and the best sourdoughs, but we're talking a pretty vast world to choose from here).  Of course, in typical Brit fashion, the best from the UK and Europe warrants a "world's greatest bread" title, and all other starches from the other corners of the world are plainly ignored.

The verdict?  The famed Poilâne (France, with a branch in London) stoneground wheat and spelt loaf goes head to head with De Gustibus' (Oxfordshire, UK) dark Bavarian rye loaf, with Poilâne taking the championship.

(Those living in Vancouver, take note: Urban Fare carries Poilâne loaves, available upon request.)

Read it here.

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  1. The wonderful folks at ACL appreciate a nice Asian variety:

    I guess the "world" only exists as far as the borders of the European continent...