Tuesday, December 21, 2010


(Photo: Ching Long Liu for the WSJ)
Ever wonder what a USD $324 bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles would be like?  The WSJ has bestowed the title of "World's Most Expensive Bowl of Noodles" on Taipei's Niu Ba Ba.

While most bowls of Taiwanese beef noodles (a good example of which we visited here) typically go for less than CAD $10 in Vancouver, Niu Ba Ba's VIP bowl - which sells on a daily basis - goes way above and beyond, with:

  • beef originating from four different countries, with each bowl coming with 5 cubes and 1 piece of tendon;
  • specific cutting techniques developed for every single piece of protein; and
  • a broth derived from five to six different broths to obtain the proper taste and the interpretation-allusive "mouthfeel."
If you're not convinced by the method to his extremely expensive madness, just listen to how crazed Niu Ba Ba's braising method gets:
There’s a reason why some leftovers taste better the next day – more flavor has had time to seep in. “No matter how long you boil the meat, it’ll turn the texture to mush before the flavors really marinate and develop,” says Mr. Wang. He uses a technique where he slow-braises the meat over three days, and freezes the individual pieces every night so they can rest in between. The process for all the different cuts of meat takes about one week.
Read more about it here and more about Niu Ba Ba here.

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