Thursday, December 23, 2010


photo courtesy of Pony Jigger on Etsy

While pretty much everyone I know is getting excited for Christmas and all that the Christmas table brings—fancy roasts, all the fixins and endless desserts, what gets me salivating around the holidays is a little tradition I like to call Jewish Christmas.  Also known as Chinese food and a movie, or, how to entertain your family for the holidays when you don’t celebrate Santa Claus or have a Christmas tree and everything is closed.  

It’s a well-known fact (especially amongst North American Jewish families) that pretty much the only places open for business on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are movie theatres and Chinese restaurants. And the tradition of catching the latest new release and going out for a big Chinese meal (the less authentic and the more sticky red sauce the better in my books) is one me and my family can always depend on to keep us happy through the long holiday weekend.  While the world is at home eating turkey under the mistletoe and unwrapping presents, we’re sitting in a half empty movie theatre watching car chases and eating mu-shu by fluorescent light. This year I’m sharing Jewish Christmas with my boyfriend, who’s more than happy to make room on his plate for my less-than-usual tradition.  Tron 3-D at the Rio and a plate of soup dumplings—sounds like Christmas to me.
(Hi, I’m Sammi, a new blogger for Slop Press.  I’m a clothing designer by day and a food blog addict by night.  My interests include midnight cookie baking, cast iron cookware and learning how to make pickles. Turn-offs are artichokes and that guy from Dinner: Impossible.) 

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