Friday, December 31, 2010


Many thanks to those that entered our first Slop Press contest. Lots of great entries, but unfortunately we can only pick one winner. Here's the winning entry to our Libre giveaway, from Jessica Jang:

Tea is something I have to make sure I have time to enjoy. I don't like the idea of rushing around with hot liquid in my hand, so the moment usually dictates the perfect cup. In this case, it would be a strong cup of jasmine tea. It reminds me of the first time I visited China, saw a tea plantation, and observed the art of preparing tea. People of all walks of life could be found sitting around anywhere with a glass of jasmine in hand. The loose leaves would unravel and come to life when hit with hot water. Little green tendrils dancing in the clear glass. One cup can evolve into many levels of flavour, as you continue to introduce hot water to the same loose leaves. I recommend leaving the third or fourth re-fill to chill in the fridge, creating a perfect crisp floral iced tea. So, yeah the perfect cup is the one that is able to impart a new experience with each sip!
Thanks again to Libre!
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