Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moccia Urbani - Keeping it in the Family

I’m always going on about how much I love the grocery shopping on Hastings near Nanaimo.  I love that there are good quality, affordable grocery stores, delis, butchers and bakeries all located within a 4 block radius of one another. All the good stuff I get makes the 15 minute bus ride on the #16, carrying 20 pounds of groceries seem worth it. This last weekend I tagging along with a friend who was en route to Moccia Urbani, a small Italian deli that I’d seen, but had never had a chance to go into.

The deli has a clean, newly renovated interior and an amazingly friendly staff. Moccia Urbani is owned and run by Claudio Urbani and his sons Jordan and Stefan. It was started by Claudio’s father-in-law in 1968 (and taken over by Claudio in 1991) and they’ve been in that space ever since. They make a myriad of different salami’s in a local factory in Port Moody, all from organic pork that they source from farms in the Fraser Valley. Many of their recipes remain the same as when Jordan’s grandfather first started making his own salami in 1968.

The best thing about this place is they let you sample the salami. I tried the Fig Toscana (Clove and Cinnamon Salami with Turkish Fig) which was sweet and aromatic and their best selling salami. After some taste testing, I decided to go for the Argentinian Salami (spicy salami with red wine, Spanish paprika and oregano) since I like spicey things. I went home and ate the 100 grams in one sitting. I also tried their natural wood smoked bacon which was delicious! The flavour of the smoke was perfectly subtle and an amazing addition to the carbonara I made that night.

To top everything off, they even gave my friend and I some free samplers of their sausage to take home. They also sell imported pastas that are pricey, but worth it. They also have a selection of freshly made cooked products such as meatballs, lasagna and risotto balls. The salami averages at about $4.39 per 100/g, which isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny when you think about the quality of the meat.

I went on their website to find out that they supply their meats all around town, including to restaurants and eateries such as The Irish Heather, Yew Restaurant, Salt Tasting Room, and Les Faux Bourgeois.

Definitely worth the bus ride.

Moccia Urbani
2276 East Hastings St.,
Vancouver, BC

Hours of Operation
Thursday & Friday : 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm


  1. I agree. Their product and staff are amazing. The shop also looks really nice and clean. The display is always very neat and full, even the freezer looks really well stocked.
    Overall, a great business and whoever wrote that sign for the salami has beautiful writing.