Monday, February 14, 2011


For those that are just tuning in, this is not your average wine review. Well, it may be average in sophistication (I'm no Jay McInerney) but it excels in wittiness and design snobbery. So revisit my debut post where I give you the rundown.

CANNONBALL CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 2007, California (approx. $30 CAD)

LABEL SAYS: You can't argue that I'm not hip. Just look at me, all slick but free-spirited. I read McSweeney's and I've got a stack of New Yorkers by my bedside. Graphic novels (don't call them comic books) are my passion hence my choice of typeface, Relay Wide Black, a clean, vigorous, and very American design by Font Bureau. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a city-only, uptight hipster in skinny jeans. I love the outdoors: I'm from California, after all.

WINE SAYS: I'm a dark ruby colour with a very creamy velvety texture. The first thing you'll notice about me is my spiciness. You didn't think I was going to get all wimpy on you, did you? I'm gutsy and free-spirited. I like unexpected combinations of pepper and berries with a hint of vanilla. Warning: I might make you crave red meat. But with food or without, I'll be your new favourite wine. One more glass, perhaps? Now pass that Eggers novel!

DESIGN HARMONY: Contemporary American charm breathes inside out and vice versa.

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  1. these are becoming some of my favourite posts! can't wait 'til the next one...