Monday, March 7, 2011


Any time I get to travel, I usually hit the venerable to find the best/most interesting place to grab a pint. That habit paid off in spades last September, when I went to Los Angeles and went way off the beaten path (for a tourist) to Wurstküche.

Wurstküche is only rated #10 for the LA area, but something about the reviews told me this place was not to be missed. My instincts proved right, even if my map didn't. After walking past shops selling questionable import items, I finally found the unassuming shop near LA's design district.

Rolling in, you first hit the order counter where you order by choosing two toppings and a sausage, and (if you want - though who wouldn't?) fries with your choice of homemade dipping sauce. Oh, and beer - a well-chosen selection of primarily German and Belgian brews. The range of sausages runs from a classic bratwurst to gourmet mango jalapeno to an alligator and pork. There are about 20 beers on tap, including triples, pilseners… and, uh, PBR? I picked a spicy Louisiana sausage with caramelized onions and sweet peppers, fries with curry ketchup and (to start) a pint of Spaten Pilsener.

While they prepare your sausage, you take your pint into the back, a big open area with a bar and lots of what appear to be picnic tables for seating. If you're me, you drink half the pint before they bring your meal, which heightens your appetite. The Spaten went great with the food, which was especially delicious after the long walk to get there. I followed up with a glass of Chimay White, which perhaps explains why I got a bit lost on the way back downtown.

Despite its simplicity, Wurstküche ranks as one of my favourite stops for beer along my travels in the past year, mostly because of the great food. As simple as it sounds, this is beer and bratwurst at its best.


800 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 687-4444
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