Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chef Eric Ripert Rolls Like a Boss in Louis Vuitton

Eric Ripert, executive chef and co-owner of Le Bernardin, pops up in this month's New Yorker recounting how he came about commissioning Louis Vuitton to design and build a custom knife case. Clearly the French chef and company were happy to be working together.
“They understand the importance of guarding the knives,” Ripert said. “The mentality is very different, very . . .”
“French,” a Vuitton employee said.
Ripert nodded. “You don’t want to have to say it.”
You can the case in its full glory on Ripert's Facebook page. When you're dropping near $200 dollars on  6" petty (let alone what the big guns cost), use them to earn your living, and travel extensively, it makes sense to ensure your tools are well protected. No word on what the case would cost you but odds are, if you have to ask...

Marco Web Developer


  1. I was reading about custom commissions for Louis Vuitton in Flare. Apparently you can only get a piece of luggage custom-made if you can prove that you'll actually use it as luggage (i.e. no pieces made for display purposes only). Good to see he's putting his knife case to good use!

  2. Interesting! I wonder how Alicia Keys convinced them that Swizz Beatz would use the bed/trunk...

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