Monday, March 14, 2011


Sendai in better days

Apart from a trip taken by one of my folks years prior, I must admit that I'd never heard of Sendai until a few days ago.  I did want to know more about the city, to give it more of a history in my own mind separate from the tragedy that the city has recently come into.

As it turns out, Sendai is famous for grilled beef tongue, a now ubiquitous classic found at many Japanese restaurants around the world. It's credited to Sano KeishirĊ, who opened Tasuke in 1948, serving the protein left unused by the many foreign soldiers stationed in the city after the second World War. That eventually lead to over 100 restaurants devoted to gyu tan in the city, and many more scattered throughout the country.

Here is a link to the Lede blog over at the NY Times about how you can help survivors: the Lede.


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