Sunday, April 17, 2011


One cart, one great sandwich: normally I'd drone on about singularity of vision, but in La Brasserie's case, it's more a case of two birds with one stone.

The food cart, an offshoot of the Davie Street restaurant, takes the place of Kimono Koi Crepes, though one of the purveyors of the latter also helps to run this new iteration.  It's a simple premise: they pick up rotisserie chicken from the restaurant, shred the white and the dark meat, serve it up with a tasty gravy and deep-fried onions to give it some crisp, and put it all on a buttermilk bun (the cart serves mostly as a reheating station).  

It's a fantastic sandwich ($7, tax in): the chicken is moist and flavorful, the gravy just present enough without rendering the sandwich into mush, the onions and buttermilk bun giving that all important texture.  And, perhaps even more importantly for La Brasserie,  the sandwich is a genius piece of marketing for the restaurant.  If you haven't thought about visiting the brick and mortar location yet, here's a great way to pique your curiosity.  Two birds, one sandwich.


La Brasserie (the food cart)
On Granville Street, at Georgia
Vancouver, BC

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  1. I had no idea La Brasserie had a food cart. My boyfriend would definitely go for one of those chicken sandwiches if I told him about it. Yum!

  2. A friend recommended this and I was sceptical--a food cart with just one sandwich??
    After eating a few bites, I was dizzy and had to sit down it was so delicious!
    I will definitely make this a new staple!

  3. Anon - our friends at Re Up BBQ, a block over at the VAG, primarily offer only one sandwich as well: an amazing pulled pork sandwich. So those two blocks are a two sandwich heaven.

  4. Might as well add Lully's to the mix. It may be old school Smoked Meat, but if you've never been to Montreal it's the closest thing to the real deal.

  5. great! as if we don't have enough overpriced food carts out there

  6. Hi
    I tried this cart last week and was impressed. I've been meaning to try the restaurant but always get sidetracked and end up somewhere else. I thought the sandwich was good value. Perhaps the carts are a little pricey compared to Portland but we're just starting, so more competition should start to settle things down in the future.
    Here's a link to my own post about this cart and others I've tried also.

  7. The higher cost probably arises somewhat from the red tape the city makes these vendors jump through - I could be wrong on that.

    But when was the last time you had a sandwich of that quality for under $7?