Wednesday, April 13, 2011


While Bon Appetit goes through a major revamp with former GQ Style Editor Ben Rapoport at the helm as their new editor-in-chief, here's a couple of other newish food magazines to check out:

Fricote is the new food magazine from French sneakerheads Shoes Up. It's just as design savvy, with a good half of the magazine devoted to product shots, photo shoots and other pretty layouts. There's short features on music video directors, football stars, Eugene from Hypebeast, and a slew of other picks that are heavy on the Parisian. It's entertaining, in spite (or perhaps particularly because) of the iffy English translations.

If your tastes skew slightly less street art and more fine art (but just as hipster), then check out Condiment. Two issues in, this Australian zine skews more towards the conceptual (read: more prone to grand thesis statements)("The most abstruse and fundamental quality I could perceive in the onion was its weight, its utter immobility on an upturned dish; but the onion at least discovered fear in me)(geesh!), but less brainiac than Gastronomica. It might be less fun than Fricote, but if nerdjams are your thing, here you go.

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