Monday, June 6, 2011


A second installment in the ‘Seattle food truck opens a permanent location’ trend, Skillet Street Food opened the Skillet Diner just a couple weeks ago in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. While I've never actually made it to the Skillet food truck (its quite stylish in a vintage Airstream trailer), I've been hearing repeatedly about their burgers’ “bacon jam” (intriguing, right?). Plus, the new diner location has a significantly larger menu featuring American classics like potpies and fried chicken, and some served-all-day breakfast items like corned beef hash (with roasted fennel and carrots). We kept our order to their food truck basics: burger, sandwich, fries... It will definitely take multiple return visits in order to try all those other things on the menu that sounded so good (hello, ‘add a waffle to your fried chicken’ option).

Cynar & soda (in a jar). My aperitif of choice the past 6 months or so, Cynar is an artichoke liqueur with a bitter/sweet flavor. This version needed more ice and fizzier soda though.

Fried Chicken Sammy with kale slaw, jalapeno aioli on a potato roll. A really crispy, crunchy outside to the fried chicken; the meat itself was just a tad dry though. Really great fries (arguably my new favorite fries in the city)!

Skillet Burger with blue cheese, bacon jam on a soft roll. Incredibly juicy, tender burger patty. The bacon jam is sweet from super carmelized onion (but not too oniony) but balanced by the blue cheese. An amazingly great burger.

Banana Cream Pie. A banana mousse filling with whipped cream and caramelized banana slice. Loved the creme brulee-like burnt sugar on the banana. Pie crust was a bit too tough; to their credit, the pie wasn't too sweet though. (I wanted the cinnamon roll, but apparently they're only available weekend mornings)

While there were definitely a couple minor flaws, the standout dishes were truly exceptional; easily the best burger and best fries I've had in a really long time. And maybe the best crispy fried chicken skin I've had ever (just need to keep the meat getting too dry). Overall, despite the small flaws, I am really looking forward to returning and trying some more dishes (and I guess it had better be on a weekend morning so I can get that cinnamon roll!).

Skillet Diner
14th & Union
Seattle, Wa

- Jordan
supermouthhappy Web Developer

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