Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you're a fan of Re-Up BBQ - it goes without saying that we emphatically are - then you'll be glad to know that they're adding one more product to satiate your taste for all things porcine, except this time you'll be enjoying it at home.

Previously available only to a select few (ie those that knew to ask), the Re-Up crew are now offering their bacon (literally!) for wholesale through Two Rivers Specialty Meats. The bacon, from hormone-free, naturally raised Fraser Valley pork, is brined for a week in Maker's Mark, Red Racer IPA and ancho chile powder, and then lovingly smoked over pecan wood, a more mild smoke than mesquite or hickory. Taste the meat, not the (smoke filled) heat!

Of course, it's completely obvious by now to say that bacon is the new black (ie goes with everything), but there's always a surprise up someone's sleeve. If you scored the debut issue of Lucky Peach, you would've seen David Chang's recipe for bacon dashi. If not, here it is:

Bacon Dashi broth (from Lucky Peach)

2 quarts water
1.5 oz konbu
1 lb bacon
soy sauce, salt, mirin, and sake to taste

(1) In a tall saucepan, bring the water to 140F (60C) and add the konbu. Steep for 40 minutes, but keep the water as close to 140F as possible (apparently this is the ideal temperature for extracting glutamate from konbu, for all that umami). After 40 minutes, discard the konbu or reserve for another use.

(2) Add the bacon, keeping the temperature low, for another 40 minutes. Discard the bacon or reuse it for something else.

(3) Season the dashi to taste with the mirin, sake, soy sauce and water. According to Chang, "more of the first two, less of the latter." Reheat and use as needed.

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  1. I am going to have to try that broth. It sounds soooo goood.