Tuesday, July 26, 2011


At first glance, I thought (and hopefully can be forgiven for thinking this) that Wurst - the newly-opened, German restaurant and beer hall in the location of the former landmark, Franzl's Gasthaus - was going to be all about the beer. But after an amazing meal and a few okay pints, the verdict is in: Wurst is all about the food.

Granted, they do serve beer, so what better place to start? Actually, the best place to start is the beer hall, which is unfortunately in the basement. Wurst has a traditional dining room upstairs, and a more communal setting downstairs for the beer hall. Coming down the stairs, you're greeted by a series of stein lockers for the highly-committed consumer of German brews, before you see the long, wooden tables that are the focus of the room, as well as a few well-placed elk heads (and boots - but we'll get to those later).

Being located at the end of 4th Street means that the clientele at Wurst is highly mixed. There were a number of people who had come for the German fare, a few who were there for the beer, and several who were just plain lost. Like the couple near us who had stopped in for drinks, and were drinking Bud Light and white wine.

Wurst has a good selection of beer on tap, all complimenting the German food they serve. Pilseners, dunkels and weissbiers dominate the beer menu - but, after a careful sampling, it's the house beers that are the standout. The kolsch especially is a nice treat - crisp, clean and served extra cold. We also sampled the Franlz's Rogen and Wurstest Dunkel, and they actually come off better than the imported beers. You have four choices of size of drink as well: a 200ml sample; a 500ml pint; a 1L ├╝bermug; or a 2L boot. Not surprisingly, none of us were brave enough to try the boot.

Even more surprising, though, is how little sausage there is on the menu. The dinner menu leads with scallops, trout and halibut. But since we came for the wurst, the Pile of Bratwurst is what we ordered, as well as a side of the onion rings and the Bavarian wings.

We over-ordered. The full disclosure on this is that we rolled into Wurst in the middle of the afternoon a few Sundays previous, and were told that the kitchen was closed. There's nothing worse that going to a restaurant that's not serving food, and the memory of leaving hungry must have stuck with us. After this meal, we rolled out more that full. The Bratwurst is fantastic, and the melted potatoes and sauerkraut make the meal especially filling. The onion rings are tasty, but the wings are their own special lesson in excess - they're the size of a large chicken leg, breaded and stuffed with sausage. The three wings are enough for a meal, albeit one based only of proteins. The meal more than made up for our prior disappointment.

The only downside being, we didn't have enough room left for beer. But we'll be back for more of those another time.


2437 4th Street SW
Calgary, AB
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  1. Also worth sampling are their excellent soft pretzels. But be sure to ask for mustard to go with them, as the usual sweet sauce served with them is meh.

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