Monday, July 4, 2011


A couple of weeks in the Philippines was quite a surprise.   I was astonished by how nice and honest the people were there.  I was always greeted as "Sir" or "Mam Sir" if they couldn't figure out if I was a guy or not.  And because wages are so low, restaurants can afford to have a high ratio of staff to patrons meaning you always have someone filling your glass of water or taking your plate away when it is dirty.

The beaches are world class and are under populated.  We took a 15 minute motor cycle ride off the strip and we had a whole beach just to ourselves.  An amazing experience but no one would have known if I drowned in the ocean as the tide was quite strong.

My dollar stretched far, and the whole trip was really inexpensive.  For a third world country it was weird to see a fashion mall that would match up to the malls on the strip in Vegas, and clubs that could easily rival anything in North American including a top notch sound system.  It is weird how poor some Filipinos are and how rich some are. Such polar opposites.  I mean what city really needs two Cartier stores.

I really miss the green mango shakes.

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  1. Green mango shakes. Ah yes. I still dream about them.