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The Golden Arches have always been somewhat of an obsession of mine (less the food and more the phenomenon). Since Matt just wrote a bit of local McDonald's history, I thought it'd be a good time to catch y'all up on a few McDonaldland characters that have morphed or been forgotten since their inception in the early 70s.

(Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention HR Pufnstuf, a popular children's show from that same period and from which McDonaldland took free and heavy the point of infringement.)


Many (including Matt) have suggested before that Grimace may be a slow-witted, giant purple tastebud.  But few remember that Grimace was originally a slow-witted, giant purple milkshake-stealing villain with four arms (six if you include his feet - the debate is ongoing).

Captain Crook

Another oft-forgotten villain is Captain Crook, who is one of few McDonaldland figures that had an affinity for the Filet O'Fish. Though the pirate was among the original characters, he was unceremoniously dropped in the Infinity Crisis type purge in the 80s, when the powers that be (perhaps Mayor McCheese?) cut the fast food nation's population base.

The Hamburglar

Of all the McDonaldland villains, though, the reigning champ is and will always be the Hamburglar. The kleptomaniac started off as a skinny old man with greying hair, whose exploits were foiled by Officer Big Mac. Since the police officer was also dropped during the 80s, Hamburglar has grown pudgier and more youthful over the years, concrete proof that: (a) crime does pay and (b) Mickey-D's has found a cure for aging.

The Professor
Though initially cut during the 80s purge, the Professor is one of few characters that still surfaced from time to time afterwards. His storyline is a bit unclear: instead of being attached to any one McDonald's menu item, he seemed a bit more of an absent-minded professor that just hung around, though there has been mention that he may have invented McNuggets. Perhaps he's back in the basement.

Here's a couple characters that arose in the 80s that we mention only for sake of completeness, though with head hung down in shame:


I really don't remember much about CosMc, other than that he was there. Introduced in the late 80s, he also showed up in the McDonaldland video game, but little has been seen of the alien since.

(starts about a minute in)

Mac Tonight

Let's just try and forget about Mac Tonight, who was geared towards an older demographic, who McDonald's wanted more of for the evening hours.

(Of course, McDonald's has dusted off Mac Tonight in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where he has recently been CGI'ed and voiced by popstar Eason Chan.)

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