Friday, October 21, 2011

Club Club at Market Collective this Saturday October 22nd

A little while back, I had my camera stolen and thought I'd lost a bunch of pictures from Club Club's Cookbook Book Launch & Epic Potluck in early September. Well, it turns out I didn't lose the pictures, but the camera's definitely gone.

Thankfully, with Club Club setting up a table at Calgary's Market Collective tomorrow, I finally have a good excuse to put up those potluck pictures, even though they're super late!

Club Club is an admirable trio of Calgary food lovers and the club formed more as an excuse to hang out together than anything else, but they had an idea to create a community cookbook (like your mom's church use to have) and the idea totally took off. The finished tome has over 200 recipes from 100 contributors, from local food celebrities down to schleps like yours truly. It's been written up in rafts of local media and even Food TV. In addition to being available at Market Collective tomorrow, the cookbook can be picked up at selected Calgary Foody hangouts (Caffe Beano, Higher Ground Cafe, Kit Interior Objects, Knifewear, Pages, Purr, and The Silk Road Spice Merchant) and out-of-towners can find the cookbook at

By all measure, the book launch (held at the timeless Pioneer Club) was a resounding success - Firetrucks! Food! Dancing! What more could you want?

More pics after the jump...


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