Monday, October 10, 2011


I don't remember too much detail about Sesame Street. Super Grover, Snuffleupaguas, Bert and Ernie and a few others. Not many messages were taken home from watching Sesame Street other than unibrows look wack, Super Grover landed from his flights like the Greatest American Hero and I really liked the singing numbers song.

There is a new character named Lily coming to Sesame Street. Lily comes from a family that deals with food insecurity. Her character will bring awareness to ongoing hunger struggles that families deal with in North America. She is pink faced, wears beads around her neck and has a chambray dress on.

The USFDA states that 17 million American children have limited or uncertain access to food. The Sesame Street episode aired on October 9, 2011 where Lily joined Big Bird and Elmo to bring attention to this issue.

Not to take anything away from the issue but on another note, do you remember when Sesame Street and Katy Perry brought attention to another matter.

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