Sunday, November 13, 2011


Even the lactose intolerant will want to visit the Poncelet Cheesebar in Madrid, which was recently featured by Dwell Magazine.

The bar -- designed head to toe, dining room to stationary by the Gabriel Corchero Studio -- focuses on all things cheese. There's the "Cheese Cave" showcase, which Poncelet Cheesebar calls the "real emblem of the space," a communal dining table on the main floor and a more private dining area upstairs, an everything-cheese reading room and a 300 sq.ft. living wall.

If the Poncelet folks seem single-minded, it's to our benefit.  Check out their newsletter "Cheese Paper" as well (available here), which has us wishing we paid better attention in Spanish class: somebody PLEASE translate the 10 Commandments page for us.  The newsletter runs through the gamut of what we assume is their menu, with tasting notes on a broad array of cheeses (30 cheese over 14 pages!) to tantalize us from across the pond.


(All images of the Poncelet Cheesebar are from Dwell; the Cheese Paper images are from Poncelet Cheesebar.)
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