Monday, February 13, 2012


Nostalgia's a pretty powerful thing. It can make you remember all sorts of things in a better light, deservedly or not; it can elevate the most mundane of things to godlike status. Such is the case with good ol' macaroni soup with fried egg and luncheon meat, the sort you see on the menu of any solid HK style cafe.

If you see it on the menu, you might wonder WTF? And you'd be right, because you didn't grow up with it. You didn't have it for breakfast when your folks were penny pinching. You didn't have it when you were coming down off a beer buzz at 2 in the morning with friends that also weren't studying for midterms. And that's okay. There's no rationalizing it: it's fucking macaroni soup, with a fried egg, and fried luncheon meat.  No pheasant under glass here.

Notice how I didn't call it "Spam"? It isn't. It's the can of faux Spam that sits next to the real stuff on the shelf, for half the cost. The can where you really feel you need to check it for leaks or dents or other mishaps. So long as it oozes out with that weird slurping noise, fat congealed on it like some pork liposuction gone wrong (assuming it is pork), it's all good, 'cause you gonna fry that muthafucka up like it's got hell to pay.

It's also the type of chicken stock that you don't even slump for Campbell's for. Get the Chinese brand. Heck, if you really want to go for authenticity points, get powdered Knorr, but if you even thought of the word "authenticity", you've missed the point and should go read a book, brainiac.

Similarly, if you're going to wonder how you're going to localvore this or sous vide that, you're overthinking it. Put on your cro-magnon hat and just let it be, okay? The only excuseable part you might fuss about is the egg, because we can't just erase time and pretend that free-range, cage-free eggs don't taste better.

Let's go!

Macaroni Soup with Fried Egg & Luncheon Meat

1 can of luncheon meat (You really only need two slices per person. What you do with the rest of the can is between you and God.)
1 egg
As much macaroni as you want to eat...say, 3/4 cup per person
1 can chicken stock
As much frozen peas as you want to eat (just eyeball it)

Cook the macaroni. Don't taste it for al dente-ness, Mario Batali. Take it just past - don't worry about toothsome, worry about wholesome.

Bring the chicken stock to a boil and simmer. You could just throw the frozen peas into the stock at that point, or you could cook it separately. Extra points if you took the lazy way out and went with the former.

Fry the spam. Chances are you won't need any oil because of the sheer amount of fat that's congealed on the slices. Give it that nice colour and crisp. Take in the scent and know that you are not wrong in eating this. They are wrong; pearls before swine.

Fry the egg. Make sure it stays runny.

Combine in a bowl. Weep.

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