Sunday, April 1, 2012


Remember when we mentioned Alice Waters helping good ol' Werner Herzog with cooking and eating his shoe? Well, it seems that menswear designer Mark McNairy (who was recently named by GQ as one of the top designers in America) had the same inspiration when he designed these edible "Werner" chukkas with the help of Bon Appetit. The details are over at Park and Bond, but here's the quick and easy rundown: 

1 - the 'leather' is mostly beef jerky 
2 - the tongue is made of, well, tongue 
3 - the welt (the part between the shoe and the sole) is nougat 
4 - the sole is a lemon meringue 
5 - sorry, no eyelets 
6 - the McNairy logo is edible gold leaf 
7 - sorry, real shoe laces. 

Of course, we received word of this today, on April 1st, so it could well be that McNairy and Park and Bond had a yankering for a April Fools' Day gag as well. We're laughing either way.

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